Our wide selection of semi-custom E-Junkie add-ons can help you add powerful features and 3rd party integrations to your E-Junkie cart in a cost-effective and easy way.

  • Kunaki Integration Automate CD/DVD production and fulfillment with this Kunaki.com add-on. More Info
  • ShipWorks Integration Print shipping labels, packing slips, and more with a single click with this ShipWorks.com add-on. More Info
  • In-Cart Upsell Modules Show "buy now" buttons for more expensive or complimentary products in the cart. More Info
  • In-Cart Promo Message Modules Show customers a targeted message in the cart to remind them of sales and special promotions. More Info
  • Custom Mail-List Integration Automatically subscribe buyers to your email list based on what they purchase. More Info
  • Merchant's Logo in Cart Show your logo in the top of the E-Junkie cart instead of the "Your Shopping Cart" image. More Info
  • "Radio Style" Add to cart Buttons Allow your buyers to choose from multiple product formats with radio buttons. More Info
  • "Checkbox Style" Add to cart Buttons Allow your buyers to select multiple items with checkboxes and then add them to the cart with a single "add to cart" button click. More Info
  • The "In-Cart Upsell Module" allows you to show your customers "Buy Now" buttons in the shopping cart itself.

    By giving your customers the ability to make quick and easy "add on" purchases right before checkout, you are likely to increase the amount of each transaction. In fact, our clients who have implimented this module have seen sustained sales increases of at least 10-20%.

    Because the module is "smart" it will only show "buy now" buttons for items that are not in the cart already, and are related to the item(s) that the customer has added to the cart.

    NarcissismCured.com is a site run by one of our clients. They sell a variety of self-help eBooks and audio products designed to help individuals and families who are experiencing relationship difficulties related to Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    We suggested the In-Cart Upsell module to them because they sell so many products that are complimentary to each other, and customers often said that they did not know what products "went well" with each other.

    The process for installing the In-Cart Upsell module was straightforward and simple.

    We began by talking with the client about their products and learning about their buyer behavior by looking at their transaction logs. We then helped the client come up with groups of complementary products, and we customized their shopping cart so it would show their customers "Buy Now" buttons for products that were likely to be interesting to them based on the items that were in the cart already.

    At the end of the process, the client had a completely customized E-Junkie cart that showed their customers relevant and targeted "Buy Now" buttons to make it easy for customers to buy more than one item.

    As a result of this module, the client experienced a 22% increase in the average amount of each sale, because more customers chose to buy multiple items. This sales increase itself was more than enough to pay for the module within the first month.